Since its founding in 1994 in a 1,200 square foot building, CMT has
expanded its operation every two years through 2000. From 2000 through
2005, CMT resided in two 10,000 square foot buildings during which time it
matured its business systems and machining capabilities. CMT made its
next major move in 2006 when it moved into its present two facilities which
have a combined area of nearly 60,000 square feet. Along with this physical
expansion, CMT added major capability upgrades in equipment, business
systems and approvals. CMT received its AS9100 and ISO9001
certifications in 2006 qualifying it to be a top-tier supplier to its customers.
Nearly 60,000 square feet of floor space for
sophisticated products.
CMT is a privately held company which was
founded in and is head-quartered in, Corona
CA. CMT has over 100 employees.
CMT has developed an excellent reputation
for training its employees utilizing trade
schools and other outside services to
supplement “in-house” training programs.
Further, CMT provides an excellent working
environment as represented by its well
maintained facilities and its competitive wage
and benefit package.
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